Oversized Haulage services

Not every transported load, Oversized Haulage services  is compact enough to be easily transported. Does this mean that you have to completely abandon its transport? Nothing could be further from the truth. Goods of non-standard sizes and weight can be transported as much as possible. However, in their case, the rules for oversize transport apply. What is oversize transport and what are the rules?

What is oversize transport? Oversized Haulage services – examples:

Oversized transport like Oversized Haulage services , also known as oversized or non-standard transport, is nothing else than the transport of goods whose dimensions or weight exceed the standards specified in the law. Oversized transport, Oversized Haulage services can be considered when:

the vehicle or vehicles together with the goods exceed 16.5 m in total length, 2.5 m in width and 4 m in height,
the vehicle or vehicles with the goods have a total weight exceeding 42 tons (this also includes the weight of the driver and the weight of fuel),
the axle loads of the vehicle or vehicles with or without load exceed the permissible standards for a given road.